Re-CLAIM YOUR Digital PRIVACY​ & Freedom

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- PRIVACY for Non-tech People -

Privacy is a qualified, fundamental human right. The right to privacy is articulated in all of the major international and regional human rights instruments.

Being able to make decisions privately without being scrutinized – and controlling how and to what extent that private information is communicated to others – is at the very core of personhood and individuality.

A lack of privacy can lead to self-censorship and therefore a loss in a piece of who you are.

Re-claim Your Digital Privacy & Freedom


Learn about various decentralized, open-source apps that can empower you and enhance your privacy and security, for your personal or business life.

The course will begin on August 13, 2022 at 3:00pm Eastern Time (EST). Video replays for those that can not participate in the zoom calls will be sent out via Telegram and email.

Who it’s for:

People who respect their privacy offline and want to bring it online. Who know the value of privacy as a human right.

What you will learn:

  • Using a password manager to securely create and manage account.
  • Moving away from Gmail and looking into alternative solutions.
  • Exploring friendly alternatives for messaging apps.
  • Protecting your right to free speech and expression.
  • Limiting personal data collection by Big Tech.
  • Why not all VPNs are the same and how to select a good service.
  • Replacing iCloud, Dropbox, and Google with privacy-respecting solutions.
  • What are De-Googled phones and how do they work.
  • Going beyond Windows and macOS laptops.


  • Account Creation & Management
  • Email Services
  • Messaging Apps
  • Video Meetings
  • VPN Services
  • Cloud Storage
  • Web Browsers
  • Privacy Phones

Proof of knowledge:

Map your progress via the Bittopia Platform and receive a certificate for successfully completing the course within the 2-week timeframe.

Who will you learn with?

Amin Rafiee

Advocate of decentralization, P2P economies, privacy, and bottom-up strategies. Founder of the World's first Decentralized Autonomous University: Bittopia University.

Netexplo UNESCO award winner, Amin Rafiee, a regular speaker at Bitcoin and decentralization conferences throughout world, including The UNESCO House in Paris, The European Commission in Brussels, The Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hackers Congress hosted by Paralelni Polis, as well as other locations throughout America and Australia.

Amin has been helping share the truth, freedom, and choice that Bitcoin and other decentralized systems have to offer since 2013, working with projects such as Storj, Wirex, Aave, Qtum, and many more. A bio-hacker, consultant, journalist, designer, advisor, and co-founder, always looking to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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Frequently asked questions

The course is taught over two weeks.

The first week consists of three sessions, each covering various parts of the course. The zoom sessions will last 90 minutes. 60 minutes for presentation, and 30 minutes for questions and discussions.  

The second week is for people to get caught up and finalize their assignments and practical aspects of the course. 

Week 1
  • Sat – Bittopia Orientation. Students get access to course materials and can interact with their mentor via the private Telegram group. 
  • Mon – First live class day done via Zoom. 3 modules are taught. Homework assigned. Replay posted in Telegram group.
  • Wed – Second live class day. 3 modules + homework. Replay posted.
  • Sat – Third live class day. Last 3 modules + homework. Replay posted.
Week 2
  • Mon – Open office hours. Mentor and TA available for live drop-ins.
  • Wed – Open office hours. Mentor and TA available for live drop-ins.
  • Sat – Open office hours. Mentor and TA available for live drop-ins.

Absolutely. During the first week of both courses, there will be three zoom meetings, on separate days, that will allow the students to interact with the mentor. Each will be 90 minutes, which includes a 60 min presentation and 30 min of questions and discussions.

We will be sharing the replay videos of the presentations via email and on Telegram. They will be available for 30 days.

We will be sharing the replay videos of the presentations on Telegram. They will be available for 30 days.You are able to request a refund up to the starting date of the course. After that we take your enrollment as a sign of your commitment. 

There will be no refund issued for those who lack commitment in the course.

Absolutely. To pay with cryptos, please use our platform and register for the courses via: