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Frequently asked questions

The course is taught over two weeks.

The first week consists of three sessions, each covering various parts of the course. The zoom sessions will last 90 minutes. 60 minutes for presentation, and 30 minutes for questions and discussions.  

The second week is for people to get caught up and finalize their assignments and practical aspects of the course. 

Week 1
  • Sat – Bittopia Orientation. Course launches. Students get access to course materials and can join their course Telegram group. 
  • Mon – First live class day done via Zoom. 3 modules are taught. Homework assigned. Replay posted in Telegram group.
  • Wed – Second live class day. 3 modules + homework. Replay posted.
  • Sat – Third live class day. Last 3 modules + homework. Replay posted.
Week 2
  • Mon – Open office hours. Mentor and TA available for live drop-ins.
  • Wed – Open office hours. Mentor and TA available for live drop-ins.
  • Sat – All work assignments and homework due. Course closes.

Absolutely. During the first week of both courses, there will be three zoom meetings, on separate days, that will allow the students to interact with the mentor. Each will be 90 minutes, which includes a 60 min presentation and 30 min of questions and discussions.

We will be sharing the replay videos of the presentations on the Bittopia platform, and on Telegram.

You are able to request a refund up to the starting date of the course. After that we take your enrollment as a sign of your commitment. 

There will be no refund issued for those who lack commitment in the course.

Absolutely. To pay with cryptos, please use our platform and register for the courses via: